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Complexity and 1/f slope jointly reflect brain states

Vicente Medel, Martín Irani, Nicolás Crossley, Tomás Ossandón, Gonzalo Boncompte

Scientific reports

Intelligence can grow in all dimensions: findings from an experiment in Latin America

Susana Claro, Macarena Santana, Tomás Ossandon, Sebastián Cea, José de Amesti, Daniela Santander, Mauricio Huerta

European Journal of Psychology of Education

A Visuospatial Planning Task Coupled with Eye-Tracker and Electroencephalogram Systems

Marcos Domic-Siede, Martín Irani, Joaquín Valdés, María Rodríguez, Brice Follet, Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti, Tomás Ossandón

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)


Dysconnectivity in Schizophrenia Revisited: Abnormal Temporal Organization of Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Patients With a First Episode of Psychosis

Juan P Ramirez-Mahaluf,  Ángeles Tepper,  Luz Maria Alliende,  Carlos Mena, Carmen Paz Castañeda,  Barbara Iruretagoyena,  Ruben Nachar,  Francisco Reyes-Madrigal, Pablo León-Ortiz,  Ricardo Mora-Durán,  

Tomas Ossandon,  Alfonso Gonzalez-Valderrama, Juan Undurraga,  Camilo de la Fuente-Sandoval,  Nicolas A Crossley

Schizophrenia Bulletin

La planificación cognitiva en el contexto de la evaluación neuropsicológica e investigación en neurociencia cognitiva: una revisión sistemática

Marcos Domic-Siede, Martín Irani, Miguel Ramos-Henderson, Carlos Calderón, Tomás Ossandón, Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti

Terapia Psicológica


The ascending arousal system promotes optimal performance through meso-scale network integration in a visuospatial attentional task

Gabriel Wainstein, Daniel Rojas-Libano, Vicente Medel, Dag Alnæs, Knut K. Kolskår, Tor Endestad, Bruno Laeng, Tomas Ossandon, Nicolás Crossley, Elie Matar, James M. Shine  

​Network Neuroscience

Brain activity complexity has a non-linear relation to the level of propofol sedation

G Boncompte, V Medel, LI Cortínez, T Ossandón

British Journal of Anaesthesia

Theta activity from frontopolar cortex, mid-cingulate cortex and anterior cingulate cortex shows different roles in cognitive planning performance

Marcos Domic-Siede, Martín Irani, Joaquín Valdés, Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti, Tomás Ossandón


Structural brain abnormalities in schizophrenia in adverse environments: examining the effect of poverty and violence in six Latin American cities

Nicolas A. CrossleyAndre ZugmanFrancisco Reyes-Madrigal, Leticia S. CzepielewskiMariana N. CastroAna M. Diaz-ZuluagaJulian A. Pineda-ZapataRamiro ReckziegelAry GadelhaAndrea JackowskiCristiano NotoLuz M. AlliendeBarbara IruretagoyenaTomas Ossandon, Juan P. Ramirez-MahalufCarmen P. CastañedaAlfonso Gonzalez-ValderramaRuben NacharPablo León-OrtizJuan UndurragaCarlos López-JaramilloSalvador M. GuinjoanClarissa S. GamaCamilo de la Fuente-Sandoval and Rodrigo A. Bressan

The British Journal of Psychiatry


Perceptual fusion of musical notes by native Amazonians suggests universal representations of musical intervals

Malinda J McPherson, Sophia E Dolan, Alex Durango, Tomas Ossandon, Joaquín Valdés, Eduardo A Undurraga, Nori Jacoby, Ricardo A Godoy, Josh H McDermott

Nature Communications

Transitions between human functional brain networks reveal complex, cost-efficient and behaviorally-relevant temporal paths

Juan P Ramirez-Mahaluf, Vicente Medel, Ángeles Tepper, Luz Maria Alliende, Joao R Sato, Tomas Ossandon, Nicolas A Crossley.



Human anterior insula encodes performance feedback and relays prediction error to the medial prefrontal cortex.

Billeke P*, Ossandon T*, Perrone-Bertolotti, Bastin J, Kahane P, Lachaux JP, Fuentealba P.

Cerebral Cortex

Commentary on: “Amplification and Suppression of Distinct Brainwide Activity Patterns by Catecholamines”.

Vicente N. Medel, Joaquín Valdés, Samy Castro, Tomas Ossandon and Gonzalo Boncompte.

Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience



A pupil size, eye-tracking, and neuropsychological dataset from ADHD children during a cognitive task. D

Rojas-Líbano , G Wainstein , X Carrasco , F Aboitiz , N Crossley, T Ossandón*.

Scientific Data


Universal and non-universal features of musical pitch perception revealed by singing.

Nori Jacoby, Eduardo A Undurraga, Malinda J McPherson, Joaquín Valdés, Tomás Ossandón, Josh H McDermott.

Current Biology


Imaging social and environmental factors as modulators of brain dysfunction: time to focus on developing,

non-Western societies.

Crossley NA, Alliende LM, Ossandon T et al.

Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. 

Perceptual fusion of musical notes suggests universal representations of dissonance despite culture dependent

aesthetic associations.

Malinda J McPherson, Sophia E Dolan, Tomas Ossandon, Joaquin Valdes, Eduardo A Undurraga, Nori Jacoby, Ricardo Godoy, Josh McDermott.

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.


2018 and before

Pupil Size Tracks Attentional Performance In Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Wainstein G, Rojas-Líbano D, Crossley NA, Carrasco X, Aboitiz F, Ossandón T*.

Sci Rep (2017)

Default. Design and Neuroscience: Interactive Work on Brain Activity at Rest

M Garretón, T Ossandón, K Hyland

Diseña (2018)

Brain state-dependent recruitment of high-frequency oscillations in the human hippocampus

P Billeke*, T Ossandon*, M Stockle, M Perrone-Bertolotti, P Kahane, Jean-Philippe Lachaux, Pablo Fuentealba

Cortex, (2017)

Functional selectivity in the human occipitotemporal cortex during natural vision: Evidence from combined intracranial EEG and eye-tracking

CM Hamamé, JR Vidal, M Perrone-Bertolotti, T Ossandón, K Jerbi, et al.

NeuroImage (2014)

Turning visual shapes into sounds: early stages of reading acquisition revealed in the ventral occipitotemporal cortex

M Perrone-Bertolotti, JR Vidal, L De Palma, CM Hamamé, T Ossandon, et al.

Neuroimage (2014)

Irrelevant stimulus processing in ADHD: catecholamine dynamics and attentional networks

F Aboitiz, T Ossandón, F Zamorano, B Palma, X Carrasco

Frontiers in psychology (2014)

How silent is silent reading? Intracerebral evidence for top-down activation of temporal voice areas during reading

M Perrone-Bertolotti, J Kujala, JR Vidal, CM Hamame, T Ossandon, ...

Journal of Neuroscience (2012)

Long-distance amplitude correlations in the high gamma band reveal segregation and integration within the reading network

JR Vidal, S Freyermuth, K Jerbi, CM Hamamé, T Ossandon, O Bertrand, et al.

Journal of Neuroscience (2012)

Efficient “pop-out” visual search elicits sustained broadband gamma activity in the dorsal attention network

T Ossandón, JR Vidal, C Ciumas, K Jerbi, CM Hamamé, SS Dalal, .et al.

Journal of Neuroscience (2012)

Reading the mind's eye: online detection of visuo-spatial working memory and visual imagery in the inferior temporal lobe

CM Hamamé, JR Vidal, T Ossandón, K Jerbi, SS Dalal, L Minotti, .et al.

Neuroimage (2012)

Transient suppression of broadband gamma power in the default-mode network is correlated with task complexity and subject performance

T Ossandón, K Jerbi, JR Vidal, DJ Bayle, MA Henaff, J Jung, L Minotti, et al.

Journal of Neuroscience (2011)

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